Services offered.

Print Graphic Design

Proper printed materials are essential in order to communicate the services or products your business offers. Design must accurately and professionally reflect your corporate image. I always oversee the technical aspects of print graphic design, and I also ensure that the entire process, from design to print, remains trouble-free. I can design and supply the following:

Do not hesitate to contact me for your printed projects. I will be happy to provide information about the workflow or to supply a quote.

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Branding is the starting point of the creative solutions you choose for your business. It communicates your exclusive identity, the message you wish to convey, and your values. In general, it consists of:

All your marketing material must be based on your corporate image so as to project uniformity. A polished and professional corporate image will reach its target audience and generate a feeling of trust.

Whether your business is new, or if you simply wish to refresh your company's look, I will be happy to work with you in designing your winning corporate image!

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Web Graphic Design

The Web has been an important media used by businesses for a long time, mostly since the explosion of different Medias like digital tablets and smartphones. Nowadays, being visible in at least one or several locations on the Web is essential. If you wish to develop a Website or refresh your existing site, I offer the following Web services:

For all Website projects, I ensure that encoding is pre-optimized for search engines, simple for updating, W3C validated and carefully tested. These superior standards of quality provide fast loading, high-performance functionality and visual uniformity between different web browsers.

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Digital Illustration

Illustrations are ideal to simplify the message you want to give to a target audience. Furthermore, they add a 'fun' factor to corporate identity. The useful applications for illustrations are numerous: advertisements, tutorials, magazine articles, PowerPoint presentations, iconography, etc.

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3D Graphic Design

Demand for 3D graphics is on the rise in an increasing variety of media applications such as moviemaking, television, video games, simulations, the Web, promotional videos, and computer-generated graphics. The field is constantly evolving, so that its related specialties have become more and more fragmented.

I specialize in modeling and texturing (including mapping/unwrapping), which completes the setting-up process of 3D models right up to the animation and rendering stages.

Do you need computer-generated graphics for your products? Or temporary manpower for the modeling or texturing of objects or environmental assets for a game or a film? Contact me and I will be pleased to assist you.

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Texture Art

The art of creating textures for 3D models is a profession requiring particular skills. Backed by 15 years of experience using Photoshop and having excellent knowledge about illustration, photography and 3D modeling, I can create great textures while respecting the client’s technical requirements.

While I can create realistic texture art, I also specialize in digital painted textures (or "cartoonish"). This particular skill is more difficult to master, therefore more difficult to find. Don't hesitate to call upon my services to make your 3D models look great!

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Other Services

I can also offer, in some cases with the assistance of talented and experienced subcontractors, complementary services such as:

Contact me for information about my services.

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